‘Know your child, Know yourself’ Katherine session

‘Know your child, Know yourself’ Katherine session

We are really excited to be bringing to you an informative and interactive program facilitated by child psychologist Danielle Gray!
We know children who come into care have experienced trauma….     What does that mean and what does it look like??
Danielle takes a family orientated approach to really dive into topics around trauma, what this may look like in children’s behaviours, and how this differs from what might be expected “developmentally”.
Danielle leads intriguing conversations into reflective parenting, how you yourself were parented and how this may influence your parenting today. Learn about yours and your child’s strengths and how to better support your caring journey.
“Imagine living in a world where the people closest to you really ‘get’ who you are”

Come and join the conversation with other carers just like you!
RSVP essential for training materials to be prepared.
Light refreshments will be available.


06 March 2019 16:00 to 18:00


Knotts Crossing Resort Corner of Giles Street & Cameron Street, Katherine


Free but you must RSVP for catering purposes


1300 030 928