'Through the Eyes of a Foster Child' by Daryl Brougham

'Through the Eyes of a Foster Child' by Daryl Brougham


Daryl Brougham is an indigenous New Zealander Maori who spent his first 18 years in foster care with over 70 foster placements in that time. Daryl is a qualified NZ registered social worker and the author of ‘Through the eyes of a Foster Child’. Daryl’s story details many types of abuse, neglect, sexual and physical treatment he experienced and has been validated by government apology letters received in 2015. 

Daryl gives his audiences a personal look into what it’s like to be a child in care and to be moved so many times. He covers the fact that he was an indigenous Maori who was placed in western institutions and how this affected him as an individual. 

Daryl brings realness, reality and honesty to this delicate story.

Daryl’s voice is the voice of the child in out-of-home care.

For more information about Daryl Brougham go to www.darylbrougham.com/


  • 2016 Foster Care Conference Presentations