Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

Our Governance

A strong and inclusive Territory wide Board of Management that is open and transparent, ensuring the Association remains viable, vibrant & sustainable

  •  Review constitution annually in line with legislation and changing business needs of the Association
  •  Conduct a skills audit of the Board of Management ensuring representation from all regions and cultural ethnicity to provide a balanced and sound management skills mix
  •  Ensure financial sustainability for the Association through transparent and open reporting
  •  Maintain an active risk management process
  •  Report on meetings, service delivery and other core business to our members

Our Carer Community

To empower carers to acquire skills and knowledge to effectively support the children and young people in care, to reach their full potential.

  •  Strengthen partnerships
  •  Facilitate training & professional development
  •  Research
  •  Relevant information resources
  •  Current website
  •  Provide advocacy and support

Our Association

We have a clear purpose and strategic direction that meets the needs of our carer community.

  •  Provide a group identity and autonomous voice
  •  Portray a positive image and recognition of value

Our  Service

To provide excellence in all our endeavours.

  •  Measuring membership service
  •  Collect and collate service data
  •  Measure, assess and evaluate services ensuring they are accessible, responsive and flexible to meet the changing needs



  • Governance
  • Reports